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Username: Moonangel83
Age: 37
Gender: Female

Last Online: 727 days ago
Average Rating: no rating

   In My Own Words....

I am....:  -- no answer --

   Personality Traits

I consider myself:  I'm wiser than my years but I look younger

Height:  average

Body Style:  slim to average

Your Horoscope Sign:  Capricorn

Marital Status:  separated

How Long:  over a year

Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Education:  -- no answer --

Career:  -- no answer --

Children:  0

Are they with you:  -- no answer --

Plans for Children:  -- no answer --

Do you have pets:  no

If yes for pets list what you have:  -- no answer --

Drinking:  socially

Smoking:  -- no answer --

If you do smoke:  -- no answer --

How do you feel about Recreational Drugs:  -- no answer --

Religion:  New Age

If other Religion which one:  -- no answer --

How do you feel about Religion:  doesn't have any bearing on me one way or the other

Do you travel:  Rarely

In Sports and Recreation, I consider myself:  adventurous

Are you a good communicator:  I try but need help

Do you consider yourself a:  -- no answer --

How ambitious are you:  I'm somewhat ambitious

I procrastinate:  occasionally

I am a:  realist

I go out socially for friendship, sports, or recreational activities:  several times a week

I consider myself:  more active with the right one

I'm really:  motivated by whom I am with

When amongst many stangers I:  go along with conversations and repsond but rarely add or lead to conversations

When I'm comfortable with a group of friends I:  add my opinion regularly and add new conversation

My personal space is:  an organized mess

housework:  whoever has the most time should do more

I will cook:  to create a romantic meal and evening for a date or lover

In my spare time:  watch TV or a movie

Do you attend Romeo & Juliet Dances?:  Not yet- Will soon

If you see me at the dance...:  Ask me to dance

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