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Username: groggy
Age: 46
Gender: Male

Last Online: 14 days ago
Average Rating: 8.00 (11 votes)

   In My Own Words....

I am....:  Hi I am here looking the same as any one else, the desire to have someone to share the rest our lives with. I could put here how great a man I am but what you need to do is meet and find out for yourself self promotion isn't my style.

Let start with a meeting and dating , may just end up friend, or fall madly in love and ride off in to the sun set.
Any ways good luck and have fun.

   Personality Traits

I consider myself:  I'm wiser than my years but I look younger

Height:  average

Body Style:  slim

Your Horoscope Sign:  -- no answer --

Marital Status:  never married

How Long:  Forever

Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Education:  College

Career:  self-employed

Children:  0

Are they with you:  never

Plans for Children:  Consider more with the right person

Do you have pets:  no

If yes for pets list what you have:  -- no answer --

Drinking:  socially

Smoking:  never

If you do smoke:  -- no answer --

How do you feel about Recreational Drugs:  Never

Religion:  -- no answer --

If other Religion which one:  -- no answer --

How do you feel about Religion:  doesn't have any bearing on me one way or the other

Do you travel:  Daytrips

In Sports and Recreation, I consider myself:  not into adrenaline sports but enjoy other forms of recreation

Are you a good communicator:  yes, I'm diplomatic and upfront

Do you consider yourself a:  -- no answer --

How ambitious are you:  I'm very ambitious and challenge myself as much as possible

I procrastinate:  rarely

I am a:  realist

I go out socially for friendship, sports, or recreational activities:  once a week

I consider myself:  somewhat active

I'm really:  laid back

When amongst many stangers I:  go along with conversations and repsond but rarely add or lead to conversations

When I'm comfortable with a group of friends I:  add my opinion regularly and add new conversation

My personal space is:  neat and tidy

housework:  should be split

I will cook:  when there isn't any other option

In my spare time:  try to learn something new

Do you attend Romeo & Juliet Dances?:  Not yet- Will soon

If you see me at the dance...:  Say hi to me there

   User Comments

[9/21/2016] kimbar : I am Mr,Kim Baran Balsan i work with the Bank here in Turkey. i have a project to discuss with you privately.please kindly reply back to me so i will give you full details and everything about myself, through email kim_baran.balsan@hotmail.com thanks and best regard
[1/12/2011] ILikePeace27 : Hello; This is my first day on the site. I was begining to think it was silly to have actually logged on until just a few minutes ago. Your comments are very true. It's refreshing to hear some normal common sense. I'm self employed so I don't have much free time. Do you enjoy: gardening, canoeing, camping, horseback riding, motorcycles, dancing or history? If yes to any of these, it would be nice to hear from you. Good luck with your search.
[7/22/2010] loverbabe : do u want to chat
[9/5/2009] foxface : How r u doing care to out sometime foxface
[6/9/2009] kittycat43 : hi how are you? would ya care to chat?

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