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Username: jeffrey
Age: 59
Gender: Male

Last Online: 294 days ago
Average Rating: 7.37 (51 votes)

   In My Own Words....

I am....:  -- no answer --

   Personality Traits

I consider myself:  -- no answer --

Height:  average

Body Style:  average

Your Horoscope Sign:  Scorpio

Marital Status:  single

How Long:  Forever

Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Education:  College

Career:  engineering

Children:  0

Are they with you:  -- no answer --

Plans for Children:  -- no answer --

Do you have pets:  No

If yes for pets list what you have:  -- no answer --

Drinking:  never

Smoking:  never

If you do smoke:  -- no answer --

How do you feel about Recreational Drugs:  Never

Religion:  Christian

If other Religion which one:  anglican

How do you feel about Religion:  I would like to go to Church more

Do you travel:  Daytrips

In Sports and Recreation, I consider myself:  safe but like to have fun

Are you a good communicator:  I say what's on my mind, no matter what

Do you consider yourself a:  Type A personality

How ambitious are you:  I'm somewhat ambitious

I procrastinate:  -- no answer --

I am a:  realist

I go out socially for friendship, sports, or recreational activities:  once a month

I consider myself:  more active with the right one

I'm really:  laid back

When amongst many stangers I:  go along with conversations and respond but rarely add or lead to conversations

When I'm comfortable with a group of friends I:  add my opinion regularly and add new conversation

My personal space is:  a little clutter but homey

housework:  I'll hire someone

I will cook:  regularly

In my spare time:  very young both mentally and physically for my age

Do you attend Romeo & Juliet Dances?:  -- no answer --

If you see me at the dance...:  -- no answer --

   User Comments

[5/4/2018] sallym : Hi dear, how are you? my name is Sallymatu, I am from Syria, your awesome profile got me attracted so i decide to write you, please contact me directly on my private email address ( sallymatuammed@gmail.com ) for you to know me better OK!. Your new friend, Sallymatu!
[9/21/2016] kimbar : I am Mr,Kim Baran Balsan i work with the Bank here in Turkey. i have a project to discuss with you privately.please kindly reply back to me so i will give you full details and everything about myself, through email kim_baran.balsan@hotmail.com thanks and best regard
[2/1/2015] painted_smiley : Hi Jeffrey, I'm new to the site & not sure what to expect. I've not been to a dance yet but will soon. Would love to have a dance
[4/20/2014] VeeVee : Player
[4/1/2012] Clarke : First time at a singles dance last night, didnt no what to expect, thanks for the dance...:)
[2/9/2011] LaceyLou : hello Jeffery, looks like ILikePeace27 has some issues with you, she needs to lighten up. I think I saw you at a dance quite a while ago in Trenton, you look great, but sometimes people are just shy and need to warm up to people or the environment. If you care to chat, let me know, never hurts to have a friend. :)
[1/12/2011] ILikePeace27 : Hello Jeffery; I'm wondering why you signed onto this service ? Are you less social than you are photogenic ? What can anyone really see from sites like these ? (other than a curiosity to meet new people).Maybe we'll meet. It's a small world...
[7/16/2010] Kathy : Enjoyed your profile, impressive! Very impressive!
[2/25/2010] kitten66 : hello jeffery, i'm new to the site and you were my first match to come up and i thought you were great looking. feel free to contact me. susan
[8/19/2009] foxface : You look very good looking, like to know more about u Bye Foxface send me a mesage
[6/6/2009] Looking for love : Your pic is great have to wonder why you would be on a singles site with your looks and profile Denise
[9/25/2008] loulou : I just wanted to introduce myself..even tho my name says loulou it is Deb smiles
[7/21/2008] maryjane : maryjane; good looking guy. like too meet u send me a line on here ok bye hug
[8/1/2007] dee : wow you have omg eyes very nice i see you peaked at me
[4/24/2007] felicia : you are much younger than myself but I gave you a vote mainly because I liked your profile and you like church and that you dont smoke or drink good luck in whatever you undertake.

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