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Username: sirdrumsalot
Age: 48
Gender: Male

Last Online: 98 days ago
Average Rating: no rating

   In My Own Words....

I am....:  Hey there, 

I’m honest to the core, and I am very comfortable In my own skin and I have a great deal of self worth. I would love to meet someone that enhances my life by adding to it, not subtracting from it. I seek someone honest, loving, real, down to earth, not materialistic, and just plain fun to be around.

 Someone to share my life, hopes and dreams with. My life is an open book for all to read, I have nothing to hide. I believe in monogamy, respect, kindness, understanding and doing the next right thing. I like to hold hands in public, making people laugh and being present for every moment, cause all we really have is Right Now. I take serious pleasure in the small intangible things in life. I only want to treat you the way that I would want to be treated. 

I live a very simple life, one that is full of an awesome Daughter and really great friends. I love a day spent going from thrift shop to thrift shop, antique stores and the like. I love to explore new areas and I love the outdoors. I also enjoy evenings in watching a movie and cuddling, going for walks and listening to music, live or recorded. I love Rock, Blues, Alternative, Celtic and even some Country, but not Rap. If you like what you see and have read, send me a message sometime. Take good care and best of luck in your search. ;-)

   Personality Traits

I consider myself:  am my age both mentally-physically and proud of it

Height:  tall

Body Style:  a bit larger than average

Your Horoscope Sign:  Gemini

Marital Status:  divorced

How Long:  over 2 years

Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Education:  College

Career:  self-employed

Children:  1

Are they with you:  grown and out of the house

Plans for Children:  No More

Do you have pets:  no

If yes for pets list what you have:  -- no answer --

Drinking:  never

Smoking:  never

If you do smoke:  -- no answer --

How do you feel about Recreational Drugs:  I experimented occasionally at parties or when I'm in the mood

Religion:  other

If other Religion which one:  Spirituality

How do you feel about Religion:  doesn't have any bearing on me one way or the other

Do you travel:  Rarely

In Sports and Recreation, I consider myself:  safe but like to have fun

Are you a good communicator:  yes, I'm diplomatic and upfront

Do you consider yourself a:  Type B personality

How ambitious are you:  I'm somewhat ambitious

I procrastinate:  occasionally

I am a:  realist

I go out socially for friendship, sports, or recreational activities:  several times a week

I consider myself:  somewhat active

I'm really:  laid back

When amongst many stangers I:  go along with conversations and repsond but rarely add or lead to conversations

When I'm comfortable with a group of friends I:  add my opinion regularly and add new conversation

My personal space is:  neat and tidy

housework:  should be split

I will cook:  regularily

In my spare time:  do a creative hobby

Do you attend Romeo & Juliet Dances?:  Not lately

If you see me at the dance...:  Say hi to me there

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